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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Washington's Majority Republican Washington Wolf Pack: Defenses. Transparency, Containment, A-Wooing.

Republican Washington Wolf Pack Updated.
Study Nature. 
Does the republican party resemble a Totem, as in many other tribes?

 The Washington Wolf Totem Pack. 
No wonder they oppose transparency, containment, being watched.

It is in the nature of the hierarchical wolf species. A feudal three-layer.
Follow the Alpha Wolf,  the Immediate Underlings Obey, the last?  serve. Perpetual underclass.

Even a wolf is vulnerable with transparency; containment;  and continuing information of whereabouts, roving activities. Defense --  education and wooing? What?


Topic:  Political behavior that fosters Wolf Society hierarchy and a feudal mindset.  The Wolf Pack social system is not a democracy.  The Wolf Totem Pack entrenches Alphas at the top, the middle Betas are there to support the Alphas, and get no further; and the poor Omegas stay at the bottom.

How is that like the observed behavior of the newly elected R Majority in the House, and the secretive R cash sources whose ads propelled them there, and the talk and tactical blockages of the R group overall. We are looking at behavior, not at words bandied about.

The behavior resembles Wolf behavior in the terms generated in a Totem concept: from Native Americans and others whose tradition includes roles for animal or spiritual guides. Wolf.  Predator. Animal totems. Not an unfamiliar idea, even to Christianity. See Job 12:8, O Ye Vetters of belief systems.

There are many spiritual - religious systems that connect human and animal behavior, even other beings and inanimate objects with the human, and find relationships between them that motivate, and guide. Predator, prey; or just as messenger.  Animal spiritual guides are a common theme in arts and entertainment as well. See Harry Potter -- the series is full of animal guides. Angels as incorporeal guides predate Christianity. 

American Indian Manataka Council at looks like an extensive venture, with a commercial; and may or may not be the most authentic Native American religious-cultural site, but we start there. KNGDV: Dominion, Worst Concept in the World
  • Wolf behavior.  According to the Wolf section at Manataka, the Wolf has strong behavior rules, is stealthy; keeps out of the light, prefers to attack from shadow, then pursues even using a tag-team strategy to wear out the prey. 
  • Social structure:  Alpha pair at the top, Betas do as they are told in support; and the Omega is the scapegoat at the bottom, even forced away from food if food is scarce. Each knows his place. They unite to accomplish an objective, as a hunt, do not relent or give in without a huge defense.  Rituals keep the members bound together -- this one is fun: lunar howling ceremonies." 
  • They cull out weaklings from their own group (is it the weak one who becomes the Omega??) and their prey - slowest elk gets caught. And, is it so, that only the Alphas have the pups? Only Alphas breed? All those Beta wolves just helping raise the Alpha's pups? No wonder the people who consider themselves Alpha's, fear or are at least offended by the Betas having babies, in the Alpha Wolf's view, venal reproducing.
  • The right to reproduce only comes if you establish your own Pack, and become an Alpha yourself.  Brave New World?
Defenses against a Wolf Pack?

Look at the Wolf behavior to find its vulnerability.  What totem -- this is a helpful concept -- should the D Minority in the House, and the hogtied D Majority in the Senate, adopt and emulate in order to survive and become effective on their own.

There are two basic approaches:  one acts Wolfish in return, so there are essentially two rival Wolf packs.

A.  Emulate and Attack Strategy -- Wolf Pack against Wolf Pack

This first approach is to prevent overpopulation, overactivity, over-proselytizing by Counter-Attack.

Wolves are fine so long as there is a total eco-system for their roaming.  But let them overpopulate, keep on casting off Betas who then establish themselves as new Alphas and new Packs around, and focus on one territorial area, and the whole system skews. How to keep them from overpopulating and casting off new Alpha packs.

Some cowardly types just hop on helicopters and pick them off.

Self-proclaimed Alpha Wolf aloft;  after another Actual Alpha Wolf in woods.  Alaska.

The wolf in the woods has indeed to be flushed out, but use of helicopter s by humans is grandstanding ego and erroneous theology about "dominion", not principle. See KNGDV Dominion site, above.

But there is a particular offshoot point to pursue. Are we seeing, with the branchings off of new Packs from the Right Establishment, an increasing effort on the part of Betas to become Alphas of their own Pack. Will that weaken them all, as they start to fight each other.  Do they agree on entitlements, welfare, cutbacks where. Watch them claim a right to inheritance, as though that were not the very welfare and fostering of dependency they decry.  See Warren Buffet's own view of estates inherited as welfare, at

One strategy is for the  D Minority to act like these Betas in the Wolf Totem Pack, and use the behavior model to become their own Alpha Wolf Pack in response.  Betas can expand when allowed, and become rising Alphas. The job of the D Wolf Pack Alpha's is to use the Totem behavior in their own way.
  • Get the R's in the open.  Out of the shadows, away from the trees. Transparency. Who are they, how many, what are they doing.  Citizens United does not want the pack identified, and especially which ones are the Alphas, and for good reason.  Wolves need clear Alphas.  Betas do not do well without clear roles in support of Alphas. And Alphas will not tolerate an uppity Beta.  Pity the Omega, and don't bother with that one.  
  • Identify the real Alphas.  That will not be easy.  Citizens United is the ultimate woods.
  • Pick off the Alphas' views - not as hunters in helicopters, but by more transparency as to their positions.  This will require a 24 hour a day cable gossip channel to do nothing but show charts and use big words, while showing pretty people on all day as background with the opinions just being absorbed like a gas.  Publicize each position and critique it; while presenting at the same time an alternative that is better thought out and more effective for more people.  This seems to be the approach being favored by the nascent American Bridge organization, see New York Times 11/23/2010 at A16. Online at Kathleen Kennedy Townsend etc. *  
  • Inform and educate the Betas. Go a-wooing.  In the Wolf Pack, Betas will never be anything but Betas and the Alphas are only interested in Betas insofar as they take care of the little cub Alphas.
  • Watch them all the time.  Record their whereabouts just like one burger chain watches -- where another sets up shop, so it can set up shop next to it.
  • Meet rigidity with rigidity; but, we hope, have the flexibility not to become as them in rigid hierarchy, exploitation.
B. Tame and Contain Strategy -- Deflect the Wolf Pack

Again, wolves are fine so long as there is a total eco-system for their roaming. Let them overpopulate and focus on one area, and the whole system skews.

This second approach is more pacifist: Prevent overpopulation and overactivity by the Taming approach.  Mediation. Appeal to better nature, be nice.
  • This, however, theoretically is the "Christian" one as interpreted by people who may or may not speak for all "Christians" in interpretation, and has a bad rap as wimpy and not effective in the real world. We are all dead before the niceness works.  Crucify, say the people, when someone doesn't fit the fighting mold. Would wolves ever tame because they see they will indeed get enough?  No. There is never enough.  Alphas are insatiable in that the drive to run down prey, and define it, is too strong. 
  • Mediation is fine, but it takes good faith on both sides, and is too easily circumvented by one who fakes agreement, getting a concession, then takes that concession as the next "normal" baseline for further fake agreements and more concessions.  Bad faith poisons the well. But how to spot it at the outset, before the dirty tricks begin.
  • Or, as is part of an overall more aggressive strategy in the A section above, go a-wooing.  That is a mediating, pacifist approach as well. It is an undermine and contain strategy.Hearts and mind. 
  • Defense by undermine and contain -- the old sappers of World War I digging tunnels beneath. Undermining, depending on the methods, can be Wolf behavior that can also be used as an offensive, not just defensive:  Joy of Equivocating, Voting Rights Act: Sappers
  • Woo the Betas.  Keep at it. Some will respond to objective information, if it is provided before they commit emotionally. They will, perhaps, ultimately see where their own interests lie. 
  • Wolf-Whisperers. Some might want to attend the churches, the places where the R-Betas gather.  Just talk. What would that look like?  Animals and humans do communicate. Why not humans and humans.
  • With the rigid party line and loyalty oaths, however, R's are on a tight rein, like the little girls of old who were sent to Europe as they grew and fell for an unapproved suitor.  Build a wall around them. Don't let sense and mutual assistance and interest grow as an idea beyond the party. Can't see wolves changing in how they enforce their social structure. This looks like the proven strategy of other religious groups as well.

Try the Containment Approach.

  • Let the Wolves'  rigidity and fierce loyalty to each other and their self-interested social order with others beneath,  regardless of others' interests, be useful where it works to benefit the most people:  Implementers in the military, national guard.  Not as policy makers, because a Wolf as a policy maker will again skew the system.  Wolves are good executers: Get a job done.  Alpha Wolves as those who carry out orders.  Who gives the orders?  Not the Wolves.  Put Wolves where they can tag-team and exhaust an enemy when that is needed.
  • So:  If you can't change, contain. Let them be wolves, but only in these areas. Then let them have their lunar howling sessions but in those areas. And woo, woo, woo.  The President is right.  Keep pushing at the rationality, the common sense. Don't do back as they do to you. Some will come over.  The rest will never do so, and will become more rigid if challenged openly.

History:  What did Charlemagne do to control the unruly Saxons?  Sachsenhain? No, not the part about killing 4500 prisoners in a day.

Dig deeper to the longer term part about Charlemagne's dividing villages, families, moving populations, separating them from each other.  No, that is not easily done now, even by our Wolves of today,  in an era of no frontiers any more.  We are stuck with each other. History won't help here.
  • Go back to section A.  The Transparency. 
  • Keep the Wolves in the open.
  • Keep their real goals in the open, because no other species has any goal that they value except their own.
Use that transparency part of the Attack Strategy, put them in the light where their goals and means and effects on others is clear 24/7; but the aim is not to decimate, but to contain. We need the balance Wolves offer.  They do a good job of culling even among their own. Their honed edges are useful, in their place.  Just can't let the culling mentality overflow into the rest of the ecosystem.
  • And educate the Betas.  They are smart people, many just disinformed. Not misinformed -- disinformed by an intentional skewing sales product. Is it so that many of those on the buses, except the shills already on board, did not really know that the Alphas who bought the buses and painted them and passed out the placards and all that, for free, were only Alphas who wanted to keep them as Betas. Fake it 'til you make it. 


    * Memes, memes.  Ben Bernanke seems to be taking a similar approach to countering the Wolf Totem, Federal Reserve reserved style, see Fed Adopts Washington Tactics to Combat Critics, at  To fix a Wolf, be a Wolf.

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