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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mormons Embrace Bailouts - Perpetual Emigrating Fund

Mormons Embrace Bailouts.

Elder Orson Pratt, Utah 1854, Rallies for Ongoing Funding.
Underwrite Converts.
Let's Roll!

History's bailouts.
Assistance extended.
A rescue for the needy,
The culpable, the innocent,
From adverse circumstances,
An escape from bad consequences,
With sometimes promises of repayment
So others could also benefit.

Mormon emigration: Get folks out
Of industrial and agricultural adversity
Or just offer adventure,
A new start.
Bailouts for tens of thousands.
19th Century Version:
A new life! Convert, come away.

The call went out to
The industrial revoluition's left-behinds.
Europe's poor, adventurous, disaffected.
Refuge theory meets migration. 
Ethnically berated
Got 1) free travel to America
And 2) free outfitting;
And 3) even land

In exchange for Mormon conversion
And promise to work
Once here

Perpetual Emigration Fund
Perpetual Emigrating Fund

As with any bailout,
Some repaid, some didn't.
Investment return not always there.

Forgive the worthy poor,
Was one rationale for letting folks off the hook.
No sense in trying to squeeze the dry towel.

Bailouts. A Jump-Start.
Freebies do work.

So:  Mormons embraced bailouts
In earlier Mormon history
Of manipulated expansion.
A different religious message buttressed with
Financial incentive.*

Why not now?

Then ask:
Who had those converts been
In the home country?
The Fund knows.  What groups
Responded, then blended in here.
Immigration ethnicity policy tucked away.
All of us. From somewhere else.


The Perpetual Emigrating Fund—Emigration of the Saints and the Nations
A Discourse by Elder Orson Pratt, Delivered in the Tabernacle, Great Salt Lake City, October 7, 1854.
Reported by G. D. Watt.  [Public Domain] at


"Everything will roll round, roll round, roll round in its times and seasons until this kingdom shall spread forth, and the dominion and the greatness of it will cover the whole face of the earth, and there will not be a dog to move his tongue from the Rocky Mountains to the uttermost parts of the earth, but all be in subjection to the kingdom of Christ; all must become subject to her laws; and the great nations of the earth—mighty nations not a few, ere long will come up to Zion to seek wisdom and knowledge from the counselors in Zion. They will read her laws, and say, “Our laws are as nothing, our wisdom as foolishness, our words like the tow that is exposed to the devouring flame; we are broken asunder, torn into fragments, and ready to crush under our own weight; but your laws, government, and officers are all good, righteous, just, and true; surely the God of Israel is in your midst. Come, let us go up to Zion, let us hear from the wise legislators of Zion, and let us hear the laws proclaimed therein; let us learn of the wisdom that dwells in the servants of the Most High.” And they will come up with their armies, and their mighty men, and their judges, and their rulers, and kings will come to the brightness of her rising; and the Gentiles will come like a flowing stream, and the gates of Zion will be open day and night, and never be shut, to admit the forces that will come rushing in from all nations, to learn the wisdom, knowledge, and instruction that are poured out from the heavens upon the servants of the Most High.

"If we are looking forward to such a glorious time—to such a happy period, let us endeavor to prepare ourselves, and awake from our slumber, and do the duties required at our hands. Pay up your debts, pay them up to the Perpetual Emigrating Fund; let the means be sent back immediately, that those who are starving to death, and are ground down with tyranny, may enjoy the same privileges as you. Remember them, and God will remember you. But if you turn your back upon these principles, and will not seek to do unto others as you would have them do to you; if you will not listen to the instructions of our Prophet, and to the instructions of others who have spoken on this stand, you will wither away like a dried reed, and you will bear no authority, and that you have will be taken from you, and you will be left poor and miserable, and become the offscouring of the earth, under the curse of the Almighty for your disobedience. (italics added)"
  Public Domain

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