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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dogma Wall Windows. Dogma as Culture. Is that so?

The dogma firewall is sporting windows these days.
Celibacy vetted;  abuses forced into the open, finally. 
Morning-after pill ok in Germany, for rape.  Ok, define rape.

Celibacy in religious wars: a Western latecomer.  It has been of dubious service.  Explore the circumstances of its rise and now, probable and laudable fall.  As an example of doctrine, was, or is, celibacy for salvation, a claim to human supremacy for one subset, or marketing a cultural identity? Look at evolving doctrine.  Ideas gradually come in, to serve a variety of purposes.  Does this process, enabling centralization of power and turf, look divine, or quite human? See  Doctrine Timeline: Salvation or Marketing

Dogma. Now we see it, now we don't. Dogma:  Now people have to believe it, now they don't.

Recent and recurrent issues:

1.  Should Catholic priests be allowed to marry?  See .  Not long ago, marriage was not an issue.  Then, it was.  Dogma as cudgel: dogma as a weapon in the crusade against dogma-questioners, see  Is celibacy "Christian"?

2.  Gender, other sexual abuse.  Add Infallibility?  When did those come in? See Timeline, above. Are retired popes still infalllible? Is there a de-infallibility ceremony, a de-frocking? Can married priests use birth control?  Will views on that change with the weddings?

 Meet a nice ecclesiastical puppy, at the Gasthof, Mariaplain, a pilgrimage church outside Salzburg, Austria.  That is where the famous view across the meadows to the  mountains was filmed, in Sound of Music.

3.  Morning-after pill.  Acceptable in Germany for rape?  Then, define rape.  Any coercion after a verbal no suffices, say the women.  No is no, whenever said.  Be prepared to s-t-o-p.  Will the clerics agree that no is no?  See

So:  Dogma coercing who has what rights to autonomy. 

 Where did the nice dogma doggy go astray, into force and imposition. Why.  How did centuries of abuses perpetuate, come to light and always (perhaps until now) get shoved aside?  Doctrine -- helpful to those wanting an institution to encage the wisdom of the Founder, despite unknowable ties to the gods, and a way to shield the usual and awful human exploiting of others behind closed doors.  Dogma wall.  Windows as needed apps.

Q's, no A's.  

Ask if: Religion serves the needs of humans and does that matter, so long as people pass over the sense of superiority in their own system, imposition of it on others.  Ask if:  Doctrine evolves, ties to divinity vague and in the absence of convincinc evidence, self-justify on grounds of inspiration, divine intervention, received authority.  
Welcome next step for the devout and the not:  vet it all, vet it all, vet the long, the short and the tall, vet what they tell you, vet what they do not, vet how they act and are they all bought?

Eastern branch of Christianity:  Priests marry, have families.  Meet one -- hitchhiking up the mountain and we picked him up.  Chancey?  Meh.

 He added to our ride to the Hotel Castel Dracula.  Dogma says don't pick up hitchhikers.  Enhhh.  We have wits to discern, sometimes, and hope that we are weighing wise clues before deciding.  And life is enriched by contact with others. Take a chance on humanity. Sometimes.

*  Gasthof, MariaPlain, Austria.  View from breakfast.  See Shrine and Pilgrimage site, MariaPlain, Austria Road Ways

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